Lasagna and ready meals: completely customizable recipes

The third-party production of Industria Alimentare Ferraro is made up not only of sheets of lasagna, egg pasta, and filled pasta.
The ready-made meal lines allow the creation of the most varied recipes of lasagna, cannelloni, and ready-made meals: from the classic Bolognese recipe to the most innovative and original.

The production is divided into a wide range of frozen ready meals, with a useful life of 18 months at a controlled temperature, and a range of ambient ready meals, with a shelf life of 12 months at room temperature and a tempering time of just 2 minutes.

Industria Alimentare Ferraro’s R&D team develops the recipes customizing them according to customer needs, to create an excellent quality product with selected ingredients, shaped according to the tastes of the reference market and industry trends.

The development of the recipes and the preparation of the sauces comes exclusively in our kitchens, guaranteeing precise and careful management of all the phases of the creation of our products.

For the production of ready-made meals for third parties, we provide different packaging options: trays into a case or flow pack from 300 to 800 gr for frozen products, trays with peelable film, and sleeves from 250 to 350 gr for ready-made products.

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