The pluses of dry-filled pasta: customizable recipes and shelf life of 14 months

Stuffed pasta is one of the main dishes of Italian cuisine, it is highly widespread throughout the territory, so much so that it boasts an infinite number of fillings and shapes according to the different regional traditions.

Tortellini, ravioli, and cappelletti all have a long history of recipes handed down from generation to generation, struggles between cities for the attribution of the invention, and many variations.

It was born as food for wealthy people in the twelfth century and its diffusion quickly increased to the point of being present in the cookbooks of all regions.


“The innkeeper, imitating the war of Venus, learned the art of making tortellini.”

Alessandro Tassoni


Since the early 2000s, our production of dry-filled pasta has honored traditional Italian recipes and leaves room for customization to create the most suitable products for the various reference markets.

Exported all over the world thanks to the shelf life of 14 months at room temperature, the dry-filled pasta made in the factories of Industria Alimentare Ferraro can be found on the shelves of every continent.

Industria Alimentare Ferraro, since the early 2000s, has specialized in the production of various formats of dry tortellini and ravioli thanks to the availability of two high-capacity production lines.

The Research & Development team fine-tunes the fillings, customizing them according to customer needs to create a high-quality product with selected ingredients; the preparation of the fillings takes place exclusively in our kitchens, guaranteeing precise and careful management of all phases of product creation.

For packaging, the choice is between pillow bags and square bottom bags, available in numerous sizes ranging from 250g up to 5kg, ideal for catering and restaurants.

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